Web Hosting Service

Web Hosting Service for Web Site.

What is hosting service?

Hosting service is a service for keeping all the files of your web site including text files, html files, graphics images files, banners files, animation files or flash files, sound files or any other type of files.

Is hosting needed to own your web site?

Hosting service is needed for all web sites. Or all web sites need to have their own hosting service for storing all of their files. Web site owner need to use atleast one hosting service for storing all kind of data files so that it can be publish and showing on the internet.

How much cost for hosting service?

Most of web hosting services charge their service in a monthly basis. There are web hosting services company both within country and abroad and have a lot of companies. Service charges vary upon their quality which mean for size of all files of a web site, speed, expected visitors per month, bandwidth of total amount of data transferred per month. For common, monthly cost can be between 5 - 170 USD. It can be lower or higher than this depend on many factors mention above.

For starter, what is the cheapest cost for web hosting service?

For starter who have a few data to be published to the internet, total files size is not large, suitable hosting service can be between 5 - 10 USD.

What is the cost of our hosting service?

Our hosting service have a very cheap one package for our customers of website design. This package is a share hosting service for various customers or web sites to save cost, but it's quality is quite ok for a small web site and suitable for starter. Hosting cost is only 18 USD per year (pay once a year).