Computer Assisted Instruction for English learning

English Vocabulary Game for 3500 Words

เกมส์ท่องคำศัพท์ 3500 คำThis is quality computer assisted instruction for learning English vocabularies that adapt the strength of fun from Tertris game to learn English vocabularies with fun and speed. The vocabs will be drop from the top of screen near Tertris block with spelling sound in English or meaning sound in Thai of that vocab.

This software CAI is suitable for student from primary school to secondary school. All English vocabs in this CAI game have spelling sound in English and meaning sound in Thai.

This software CAI or game is cool on design. It can give much fun and exciting while student can absorb English vocabs gradually.

Price = 5 USD. + Shipping by EMS 1.7 USD

  • This game can bring a lot of vocabs to student's eyes and ears within a short period of time. Student will be able to memory gradually while playing and will love English more because they know more vocabs in a very short time.
  • This game can help learning English vocabs with fun so that it will work with a lot of students even one that is quite lazy.
  • There are about 3500 English vocabs students can learn from this game. These vocabs are collected from primary and secondary school English course.
  • Payment can be wired transfered to the following Bank account.

  • Price = 6.7 USD
  • Account Name : Chotrungsee Interbiz LP.
  • Bangkok Bank, Secon Square Branch
  • Account Number : 232-4-50162-2
  • After payment, please send the copy of transfered slip to email